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WAVE Bolgoda – your perfect getaway 

2 years ago

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[caption id="attachment_119255" align="alignright" width="454"] WAVE Bolgoda by SINGHE[/caption] Sri Lanka’s largest and only natural lake in the island, Bolgoda Lake is frequented by locals and travellers alike, those who are looking to not travel too far out of Colombo but wish to get away from the central hustle of the city. WAVE Bolgoda by SINGHE (WAVE) is an aqua sports hub, a marina, an adventure boutique hotel and a restaurant, offering exactly what such persons may be looking for - equipped with an infinity pool and ultra-modern accommodation, overlooking the magnificent Bolgoda Lake, the place is a picturesque safe haven tucked away from prying eyes.  Taking the day to visit WAVE, heading off midday we were able to get to the venue in what seemed like no time at all. The venue boasts of a chic exterior and a welcoming interior accentuated courtesy of a family of excellent staff, and the highlight of the property; welcoming anyone who steps into WAVE with its stunning open air space complete with an extended jetty leading you to the vistas beyond Bolgoda Lake.  Managing Director Malaka Rubasinghe shared that the property was originally prepared with the aim of being a marina, which purposes to provide a hassle-free setup for all Personal Water Craft (PWC) owners where they could simply dock their PWCs at the WAVE Marina and the qualified staff at WAVE will take care of the maintenance of these water crafts, have them launched into the water and ready to go when necessary. He said that considering how many PWC owners find themselves not having direct access to a waterfront, this Marina service WAVE provides is value adding.  Rubasinghe shared further that “WAVE is one of the very few places in the country that provides a comprehensive experience to all water sports enthusiasts starting from jet skiing, speed boat rides, kayaking, tube rides, flyboarding and wakeboarding” speaking on the wide array of water sports activities WAVE Bolgoda offers.  While the property houses limited space, it lends itself to a cosy intimate feeling rather perfect for what WAVE is aiming for, offering accommodation limited to two luxury rooms; one Deluxe and one Superior room, with the Superior Room offering the luxury of an unobstructed panoramic view of the lake and a jacuzzi, and the Deluxe Room offering a soothing, comfortable blend of gorgeously comforting interiors infused with all modern amenities. Rubasinghe further shared that the focus at WAVE primarily revolves around a boutique hotel experience where privacy is one of the highest priorities.  From morning, noon till night, it’s all about the ambience and views at WAVE, kicking things off with the stunning expanse of the lake lit up by the afternoon sun, watching the sun sink into the ocean as the sky grew darker when evening set, the experience feels intimate and personal, especially while enjoying a fantastic meal out of the property’s upper deck restaurant. The lakefront dining really adds on to the experience, with the constant breeze blowing across the lake and the panoramic view that is on offer.  Speaking of dining, enjoying flavourful finger food all day long and sitting down for a fabulous dinner, despite being inclusive all the staples of any fine dining establishment, the dress down vibe at WAVE simply adds to the experience, and if you’re looking for some local flavours all signature dishes at WAVE are infused with the essence of the “Moratuwa” sub-urban locality.  While WAVE may primarily attract those looking to engage in watersport activities, there’s an abundance of activities you can do that is not exclusively watersports-related such as bird watching, fishing, visiting places of cultural/religious interest and romantic getaways to islands around Bolgoda – which the property staff would gladly arrange for you, for a private dinner for two under the stars.  If you are looking for some amazing deals, WAVE has come up with something unique and out of the box for you to do so, they have developed a game titled “Wave Rush” which is a Facebook online game, which on top of promoting safety and responsibility through the game when it comes to the watersports they offer, they also provide for players to stand a chance to win free jet ski rides and free dinner tickets.  Considering the times we live in, we must also emphasise that the property takes the utmost care in ensuring their guests’ health and hygiene and extra care has been taken to ensure the minimise the risk impact of the Covid-19 virus.      Photos © Lalith Perera 

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