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House of Lonali x Rainco

4 years ago

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Featuring bold colour-blocking that’s remiss from your everyday raincoat, the House of Lonali x Rainco rainwear collection made a splash at the recently concluded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) in Colombo. [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="13293,13292"] Stunning audiences with a collaboration uncommon to Sri Lankan runways, items from the line-up include hoodie-style puffer jackets and streetwear-inspired numbers, more fitting for a runway than the monsoon-soaked streets of Colombo. Beyond the brands’ style statements, however, the collection was renowned for something far more impressive. With all inner garments and accessories upcycled using discards from the apparel industry, House of Lonali continued its momentum as a truly sustainable force of fashion. Speaking about the collaboration – arriving smack in the middle of Sri Lanka’s rainy season – Lonali stated that for designers such as herself, who run their own brand, collaborations are a way of understanding the wider industry. She is a firm believer that these allow designers to make use of the seemingly endless possibilities to take fashion to new heights. This, however, is not the designer’s first collaboration with the local rainwear giant. With a previous collection debuted at last year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – an international stage for some of Sri Lanka’s finest design talent – this year saw the launch of House of Lonali’s second line with Rainco. While the previous collection was inspired by the sights and textures common to lush rainforests, this year’s designs are geared more for an adventurous traveller. Featuring floral prints, checked fabric, and accent colours, textures, and cuts, lead designer Lonali stated that the line was designed with a view to provide understated glamour and sophistication to a young city dweller enjoying the cityscape. Commenting that it was an absolute privilege to collaborate with Rainco – one of Sri Lanka’s premier rainwear specialists – she also noted that the international platform provided by MBFW was the perfect space to launch a collection that expanded the boundaries of local design. For those bold enough to style runway looks on the streets, pieces from the collection will soon be available for retail. According to the designer, further information will be released through both Rainco’s and House of Lonali’s Instagram and Facebook pages. With the collaboration’s utilitarian and colourful designs, stepping out in the rain no longer requires a compromise on style for comfort and coverage. Make bold statements in bad weather with an entirely sustainable line of rainwear, ready for the taking, courtesy of House of Lonali x Rainco this monsoon season. Rainco Facebook: Rainco Instagram: @rainco House of Lonali Facebook: House of Lonali Instagram: @houseoflonali

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