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Cardinal asks fishermen to sue ship company

2 years ago

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The Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith called on the fishermen's organizations to take legal action against the X-Press Feeders company, the owners of the X-Press Pearl. Cardinal Ranjith says he is ready to take the lead in taking legal action against the fishermen's damage caused by the sinking X-Press Pearl. "I hope to lead on that. We cannot allow games to be played in this country. There is not even enough money to buy a vaccine against the current Covid pandemic. I suggest we try as hard as you can to keep this ship from sinking. Otherwise, the ship's fuel must be completely removed," he said. Addressing a media briefing held today (02) the Cardinal said that if the fuel of the ship spilled into the sea, great damage could occur. He further said,“Now our fishing community has been severely damaged by this ship. The Minister in charge of Ports and his board have not given us a correct answer in this regard. Several days later we saw in the newspapers that the ship was on fire when the ship arrived. He stated that nothing was done at that time and that there was no move to take the ship into deep seas. "Now that all the beaches have been destroyed and all the fish resources have been destroyed, now they are trying to come clean. All the oil in that ship will leak and the entire beach and jobs will be lost to our fishing community. We cannot allow that," he said.  

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