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Ceylon Exchange Mentoring: Your step by step guide to the stock market  

2 years ago

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In today’s financial climate it is becoming drastically evident that becoming a salary man and simply saving your earnings isn’t enough. With the instability of the inflation rate, at times, your savings could potentially be losing you money. So, despite having no formal financial education and absolutely zero idea about investment, how can you do more to get ahead? This is where Ceylon Exchange Mentoring (Pvt.) Ltd. comes in. Chaired by Dr. Udaya Gunasekara, the company was launched on 5 January 2020. Speaking with the team at Ceylon Exchange Mentoring, they shared that the vision of their Co-Founders Rahul Nimesh and Kavindu Herath was ideally to highlight the importance of financial literacy in the community and to display the potential of fintech. In doing so they have established several programmes to guide the everyday person from start to finish on how they can better their finances.   They shared that their initial goal when they first started the programme was to establish a digital informative platform and a digital educational institute aiming to enhance the financial literacy of their people. “We felt that in order for Sri Lanka to achieve the next stage of development, it was vital for its citizens to be financially literate. We are also interested in encouraging new ventures under the avenue of fintech.”  Speaking a little further about the specific types of programmes they have made available to their users, they shared a number of initiatives they have running at present which includes numerous beginners and intermediate courses for people who are starting out and may be apprehensive about putting their money into something they are unfamiliar with.  They have a set of courses which are related to the Capital Market Investment Scheme in Sri Lanka and most of them are directly related to investing in the Colombo Exchange. Apart from that, other courses are also available on unit trust investing, investing in debentures, and real estate mentoring. Anyone above the age of 18 who is interested in these fields can join their programmes, and they guarantee that prior economic/accounting knowledge is not compulsory to join any of the courses. Interested parties can always find the most recent updates of related topics and directions on how to join their programmes via their website, Linktree, and other social media platforms. Before anyone takes a chance and decides to join their trading, we asked the team at Ceylon Exchange Mentoring to share with us some notable pointers for potential traders, something that can get them started and to keep in mind.  They said that there are only three keys to success in the stock market; education, risk management, and trading psychology. Most of the investors join the market without any prior understanding on how the whole system works. Therefore, education is key. Potential traders should understand how the market works, the legal framework, market basics, catalysts in play, fundamentals, financial statement analysis, and technical analysis. They shared that they do in fact provide courses that cover all these avenues which will come in handy for anybody interested in investing. They also shared that investors can now start to trade very easily. Everything is operated online and the Colombo Stock Exchange office web page provides short videos on how one can set up their trading accounts. Further, they shared that there are brokerage firms that provide online trading facilities for an investment capital of around Rs. 5,000 which is suitable for many beginner-level investors, adding that while many of us are unaware, this information is readily available, but only a few actually take advantage of it due to the conventional mindset of the majority: “Certain people regard stock market investing as a gamble rather than a long-term investment opportunity.” Finally, sharing their findings about the impact their service has had on their participants, they shared that they definitely see an incredibly positive outcome. Stating that all of their courses are conducted by highly experienced professionals and all courses are put together in a way that balances both the theoretical and practical aspects of investing. An introductory webinar showcasing the lecturers and subject content is conducted free of charge for all investors. These videos are available on their YouTube channel and anybody interested can access them to get an idea of the course content and their instructors. They also shared that the feedback they’ve gotten so far is positive and this is what makes their venture so successful. Investors are very grateful for the programmes that they conduct and the knowledge they acquire through the time they interact with the team at Ceylon Exchange Mentoring. The other courses that the group conducts on all other alternative capital investment methods available in Sri Lanka are also very popular among investors. They shared with us that as for expansion and the future, what they can say for now is that they are maintaining a news agency which is another highlight of their company, bringing the latest financial news related to the local and global economy to their readers. Moreover, they are currently in the works of introducing their audio news website by July which they said will “make us the first audio news agency in Sri Lanka”. This will enable their listeners to gain access to all the economic news that they have published at the tap of a button.   Linktree: Instagram:  

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