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Invest Sri Lanka investor forum: Indicated interest should be converted to bottom line impact : MTI

2 years ago

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Whilst commending the recently concluded Sri Lanka Investment Forum 2021, MTI Consulting has highlighted the need to diligently track and progress every single interest indicated and convert them to “bottom-line” impact. “Sri Lanka’s initiative to hold this forum is very timely, given that nations and corporations around the world are trying to figure out emerging opportunities and strategic responses in a post-Covid environment. There is significant ‘noise’ and ‘clutter’ out there in the global FDI (foreign direct investment) space, with nations scrambling to attract attention, position themselves, and get FDIs into their countries. One of the major pitfalls of such forums is the lack of diligent follow-up post the forum, where each inquiry is tracked via a simple conversion model,” said MTI Consulting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hilmy Cader. According to MTI, having carried out assignments in 49 countries in the last 24 years, after the glamour and excitement of such exhilarating events, there is a tendency to lose focus on the more mundane opportunity conversion process. This requires taking each simple inquiry, validating them, responding to each of them, and taking them through a stepwise progression.  Converting FDIs can be a long process; it requires diligent tracking to ensure small steps of progress are made frequently, ultimately leading to the FDI conversion. “Countries that have robust e-Gov processes and are high on ease-of-doing-business tend to score on this front. Even in such cases, a more personalised approach can help – hence, the need for a ‘high tech, high touch’ approach,” Carder pointed out.

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