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Covid-19 cannot be transmitted through animals: Sri Lanka Veterinarians’ Association

2 years ago

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There is no truth in claims that suggest Covid-19 can be transmitted through animals, the Sri Lanka Veterinarians’ Association stated. This comes after the circulation of various rumours which suggested that Covid-19 could be transmitted from animals, following the reports of a lion at the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens being infected with the same. However, the Chairman of Sri Lanka Veterinarians’ Association Dr. Urandika Gunawardena said that according to the research conducted on the matter, the Covid-19 virus has not been identified to be transmitted from animals to humans. “PCR tests on the matter are currently being conducted under the supervision of Professor Dilan Satharasinghe of the Department of Molecular and Biochemistry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,” he stated. He also highlighted that the public must understand that there is no record in the world that the virus can be transmitted to humans by pets living in their homes, even though investigations into this are ongoing. Meanwhile, Dr. Dilan A. Satharasinghe of Peradeniya University said that if a person shows symptoms of any illness, they should keep away from their pets in order not to infect them. He mentioned this while speaking on the infected lion at the zoo. He said that investigations are being carried out on the infected lion’s mate and the three cubs.

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