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A chat with Natasha Rathnayake on healing ourselves from within 

25 Jun 2021

Award-winning singer, songwriter Natasha Rathnayake is introducing a lesser known side to herself – her practice as a metaphysician and an intuitive healer. Speaking to Rathnayake about her work in exploring the world of alternative medicine, she shared with us what led to her foray into learning the intricacies of the practices and how she has in turn utilised her knowledge to share it with others and to help others heal from within.  [caption id="attachment_145389" align="alignright" width="363"]  Natasha Rathnayake [/caption] Rathnayake commented that the pandemic has provided her the opportunity she needed to truly embrace what she has been practising for several years now and to share it with others who may need it. She has also used this time to sit for numerous diploma courses to acquire her multiple certifications, some of which include a Metaphysics Foundation Diploma and a Diploma on Intuitive Healing. She also shared that she has engaged in some additional courses like the Accredited Holistic Herbalism Diploma course on herbal medicine, Shamanic Ayahuasca Healing Diploma course, and a few others, as they equip her to understand the bigger picture. “It’s good to try to understand any ailment from different angles,” she said. Speaking with us about her introduction to the areas of metaphysical anatomy, intuitive healing, alternative medicine, and energy healing, she said that while she has been on this path for over six to seven years now, and it’s remained a passion of hers for a very long time, she felt that the timing was never quite right until now, “as much as I truly miss the volume of work in the music industry, I also know that these challenging times present opportunities for us to find new pathways to grow, evolve, and find ‘ourselves’, and the lockdowns did exactly that for me,” she said. “I’ve been so blessed to be of service, and it feels truly purposeful and amazing to see miracles take place in people’s lives every day, when they have been given the tools.”  Rathnayake shared that she believes that we are all capable of healing ourselves from within and that we are all born with this capacity. However, the conditioning we all experience in our society and the limiting beliefs we have adopted have stifled these dimensions.  “Metaphysical” simply means to go beyond the physical and to reach the mental cause behind it, she said. However, despite this, most people do not realise that underlying every physical ailment is a fundamental problem in consciousness; we could say that there is, in fact, a mental and emotional root to all physical ailments.  She provided that humans have been conditioned to believe that when we are sick we must seek out a medical professional, and take medicine as they prescribe; however, while she has no qualms with medical practitioners who are trained to administer treatment, she said what they do is treat the symptoms, and only that.  She shared that in doing so, most patients may experience relief, but this relief often tends to be temporary. As time passes, the same ailment which produced those previous symptoms may return and more often than not, in a far worse condition than before. This is because the root cause of the ailment was not addressed, she said. And this is where she, as a metaphysician, would come in, she said, as she is able to help people understand that their symptoms are but the tip of the iceberg and that the true healing for their ailments lie far beneath the surface.  Rathnayake shared that each sickness has a distinct pattern, and that she and her clients would explore these patterns together the whens, the hows, and so on also adding that every situation is unique, even though the patterns of the ailments may have similarities. By speaking to her clients and understanding their situation better, she shared that “absolutely any sickness can be healed when awareness and consciousness is brought into the equation. It’s science; epigenesis and the quantum world this idea is not new. It’s been here since the sages”.  What Rathnayake said she is able to do as a metaphysician and an intuitive healer is to help people explore their negative emotional discharge that has created an ailment, and guide them by giving them the tools to release these pent up negative energies through meditation; that is to utilise their most powerful instrument, the mind. She shared that it is primarily about understanding the psychosomatic or genetic predispositions of one's being and learning to release it.  She said: “We carry a lot of these predispositions from our ancestral lineage, and most of our trauma from our childhood. If we don’t release it, it gets lodged in our bodies, and depending on the area of the body that it is lodged in, I can say which energy centre is blocked or needs attention.”  Rathnayake shared with us that since she began her journey as a metaphysician and intuitive healer, she has been blessed to have completely cured numerous ailments of people including diabetes, high blood pressure, hernia, lower back issues, shoulder problems, eczema, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, and so much more.  Rathnayake practices as a metaphysician and an intuitive healer due to her passion for it and her deep connection to the practice, and is happy to share her knowledge and offers her services to those in need free of charge once every week, on Wednesdays. However, you are required to make a prior appointment. She currently has a number of clients, some from overseas as well, many reaching out to her either via telephone or in person.  She shared that the reason she has a dedicated day of the week for healing clients is because, understandably, it gets overwhelming considering it all has to do with energy. She added that if a client wishes to visit her or have an online session on a different day, there is a charge for her time and she will take some time out of her personal schedule to attend to it.    Photo © Prishan Pandithage of Prishan Pandithage Studios 

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