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Digitised barcode, tracking systems at ports soon

2 years ago

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By Imsha Iqbal Steps are to be taken to implement a barcode system and a tracking system at the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) and Sri Lanka Customs to mitigate delays in clearing exporting and importing goods. Issuing a press release, the Media Unit of Minister of Youth and Sports and State Minister of Digital Technology and Entrepreneur Development Namal Rajapaksa said discussions took  place on Tuesday (29) with the participation of Minister of Ports and Shipping Rohitha Abeygunawardena at the Ministry’s auditorium. Implementing methods to minimise difficulties faced in obtaining and returning containers, reducing waiting time at the four terminals of the port premises, reducing excessive traffic congestion during daytime due to the unavailability of nighttime container yard facilities, the requirement of a minimum of two days for the completion of banking services, resolve problems with regard to Customs facilities, and reducing inefficient releasing of LCL Cargo were among the identified challenges. Thus, in order to identify the goods when they are stored, the barcode and tracking systems would provide accurate, efficient clearances while lessening the challenges that have been identified when obtaining and returning containers. Rajapaksa also explained that digitising activities related to banking and providing online services from the end of the SLPA and Customs would accelerate Sri Lanka becoming the naval hub in the region. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, the challenges faced in this regard need to be addressed, he pointed out.

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