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The biggest problem of the Opposition is Basil returning to Parliament: SLPP

2 years ago

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Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna MP S M Chandrasena today (07) stated that the biggest problem of the Opposition today is Basil Rohana Rajapaksa's return to Parliament. He said that Basil was the one who created the party called the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna. "He organized everything to get our local government election, presidential election and parliamentary majority. The Opposition accuses that the man who did all this is unfit to come to Parliament. It was Basil Rajapaksa who provided all the infrastructure during the war. Today the Opposition is afraid of this trio coming. All three of them are making a big difference to the country," MP Chandrasena said. Meanwhile, MP Rohitha Abeygunawardene said that by tomorrow, Basil Rohana Rajapaksa will be in Parliament as a Member of Parliament and the program required to be sworn in has been completed. The Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardene stated in Parliament that he had accepted the resignation letter of Jayantha Ketagoda. "Accordingly, Basil Rajapaksa will be sworn in as a Member of Parliament tomorrow and will return as a powerful Minister to our program and the government. We see the political figure of Basil Rajapaksa these days. The Opposition is afraid of his return and accuses him of being a scoundrel. All the Opposition has to say is wait and see," Abeygunawardene said. He stated that Basil Rohana Rajapaksa was a huge force behind the current government. "The most powerful countries in the world, the countries of Europe and America pressured our country not to go to war. However, President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa decided that day that the war would be won. It was at such a juncture that Basil Rajapaksa took the responsibility of leading the economy during those 10 years. After the end of the war, Basil Rajapaksa gave the initiative to repair the Uthuru Wasanthaya, the Nagenahira Navodaya, the provision of light bulbs to those without electricity and the construction of railways," he said. Speaking about the vaccination program, Abeygunawardene said that Sri Lanka has received 6.5 million vaccinations so far. "At present a program is being implemented to provide vaccination to all those over 30 years of age in the Western Province. When this program is implemented we see that some trade unions are trying to win their rights. This is a time when the world is in danger. This time these unions are creating an anti-government wave by putting forward political objectives. We are thankful that the Tri Forces are intervening to provide vaccinations to all," he said.

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