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Basil’s assurance to Udaya

2 years ago

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Minister of Finance Basil Rajapaksa had last week given Minister of Energy Udaya Gammanpila the best assurance as the no-confidence motion presented by the Opposition against Gammanpila was to be taken up for a vote. Gammanpila was on his way to the Chamber at around 4.30 p.m. last Tuesday (20) the final day of the two-day debate on the motion against him from his office in Parliament where he was making last-minute adjustments to his response speech, when he had met Basil in the governing side lobby. Basil was having a chat with several governing party backbench MPs when he had seen Gammanpila making his way to the Chamber. "From where are you coming, Minister?" Basil has questioned. Gammanpila has explained that he was in his office making last-minute adjustments to his speech and was returning to the Chamber. Basil then smiled and said: "There's no need to worry. Whether you make a speech or not, the motion will be defeated by a two-thirds majority. Everything has been arranged." Hearing Basil's words, the governing party MPs who were present in the lobby at the time have cheered and applauded. "Thank you," Gammanpila has said with a smile before walking into the Chamber. It is also learnt that all governing members who made critical comments against Gammanpila over the fuel price hikes had made speeches in the House in support of the Minister following Basil's intervention.

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