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No flight load limit if all passengers vaccinated

2 years ago

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Following the directions of the Minister of Tourism and Aviation, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced a series of amendments to inbound passenger carriage numbers per flight.  Accordingly, if passengers on arriving flights are fully vaccinated and 14 days have lapsed since their inoculation, there will be no restriction on passenger numbers per flight. This includes passengers arriving for hotel and Government quarantine.  Limitations on passenger numbers arriving per flight will also not apply if passengers are arriving via the Sri Lanka Tourism Bio Bubble.  If arriving passengers are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated, the maximum number of passengers arriving per flight will be restricted to 75.  The CAA has communicated the same message to all airlines serving Sri Lanka.  Considering the Covid-19 situation in the country, in early May, the Chairman of the CAA has informed all airlines to limit the number of passengers brought to Sri Lanka to a maximum of 75 passengers per flight with effect from 3 May.  The CAASL has observed that recent records showed that an excessive number of passengers are accommodated in international flights to Sri Lanka, and that number has gone beyond even 200 pax for certain airlines.   

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