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Player Managers bowled out! - SLC to take control of players’ future

2 years ago

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The Player Manager curse that has been hampering the progress of Sri Lanka’s cricket is to be over soon as sanity seems to have prevailed, at least belatedly.

“Now we are seriously looking at various strategies to counter the Player Manager issue. We are thinking of offering our (Sri Lanka Cricket’s) services to the national players so that they don’t have to go behind the Player Managers,” a senior SLC official told the Morning Sports on Wednesday (28).

It was only Wednesday that we reported that the player manager ‘mafia’ continued to hinder progress of the new-look Sri Lanka team by influencing even the top-level coaching staff of the team to include their ‘clients’ in the playing eleven.

“The shady player-manager mafia, which has been making use of the national cricketers for their own selfish financial benefit, has been unrelenting even at a time the national white-ball team is trying to slowly come out of its long-running predicament,” we said in our Wednesday’s news item, under the title ‘Player-manager mafia ruins new-look Sri Lanka team’.

There, we also added, “The Sri Lanka cricket team is NOT a part of anyone’s private business property but one that has to serve the interests of 21 million people in this country… Player-management should entirely be centralised and taken over by the Sports Ministry/Government or SLC pretty soon.”


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