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Aniya and Alina, the tiny entrepreneurs

a year ago

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Aniya and Alina are the proud owners of “Our Grandma’s Secret”. It is a traditional chutney recipe passed down from generations. Aniya and Alina are two sisters who enjoy watching their grandmother prepare this chutney for family and friends with a lot of love and passion and they have wanted to carry this amazing concoction forward as a business being inspired by their mother who runs a home-based business.  Tell us a little bit about you two.  I’m Aniya and I’m five years old, and I’m Alina and I’m three years old.  How did you get the idea for this business?  We watched our mum doing her small home business and was inspired to start something small with our grandmum.  Describe the business a little.  We market and sell homemade chutney, which our grandmother makes. It is a traditional age-old recipe, passed down through generations and hails from the heart of Galle Fort. It is vegetarian and is a mix of dried fruits which is cooked to perfection.  What are the products you sell?  Currently, we only sell our authentic dried fruit chutney.  Have you always liked cooking?  We enjoy helping our grandmum and mum, when they cook up a storm in the kitchen.  How has the sales been so far?  Since our launch early this year, sales have been both good and okay.  What are your future plans with this venture?  We plan to introduce new products such as pickles and juices.  How is school and life during the pandemic?  We miss going to school and meeting our friends and playing with them, but we learn a lot from online school too. We have learnt a lot during the pandemic by helping Mum and Dad at home and spending a lot of time together.  What's your favourite subject in school? Aniya: English  Alina: Arts and Crafts What are your hobbies?  We love to paint and draw and love watching Rocketeers How has your parents’ support been with the business?  They have helped with the pricing and shown us how to market and sell it.  What do you want to become when you grow up? Aniya: I want to be a doctor  Alina: I want to be a nurse