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Sri Lanka Police does not intend to take cases of intimate partner violence to court: SDIG Rohana

2 years ago

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By Aazam Ameen Sri Lanka Police does not intend to carry forward cases of slight assault, abuse or threats between husband and wife to a court of law as such matters tend to be reconciled between partners in the respective police stations where such complaints are made, Police Spokesman Senior DIG Ajith Rohana stated. He made these statements while participating in a talk show hosted by a local television network recently. Elaborating further, the Senior DIG mentioned that unlike European countries, Sri Lanka has its own culture, value and ethics. According to this system, Senior DIG Rohana stated that Sri Lanka Police will not separate husband and wife under any circumstances. “Sometimes there might be a simple intimidation case. We do not proceed with these cases to court. We try to reconcile the matter. If we remand the person, the husband and wife will be separated, then what will happen to the children?” the Senior DIG explained. However, he stated that if such complaints appear to be recurring from the same parties, then action will be taken. Additionally, he reassured that if a woman makes a complaint at any police station with regard to the offence of rape, action will be definitely taken. The statements made by Senior DIG Ajith Rohana were met with uproar on social media platforms, with some activists calling for the immediate withdrawal and corrections of his statements.  

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