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Ceylon Condiment Central

a year ago

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  • The authentic Sri Lankan spice experience
Ceylon Condiment Central is the brainchild of Co-Founders Dumi Iluppli, Sachin Ananda, and Gayan Gunatilake. Launched in late 2020 amidst the pandemic, Ceylon Condiment Central offers sustainable, locally-sourced, organic spices from different regions of Sri Lanka. While the initiative at present offers exclusively premium Sri Lankan spices to a largely foreign market, the venture is looking to expand their product range by including items like blue pea flower powder which contains a multitude of health benefits, roasted spice powders, and a range of “badum” (similar to stir-fry) to further add colour to their catalogue. Speaking to Co-Founder Sachin, he shared that the three founding members were close childhood friends from Royal College, Colombo, and despite having chosen different directions in life, the three of them once again crossed paths while away at university in London, where they envisioned and eventually actualised Ceylon Condiment Central. Sachin said they often spoke of how much they missed the taste of Sri Lankan food as they lived so far away and the struggle to find authentic Sri Lankan spices overseas. Sharing that there is really nothing like Sri Lankan spices, he said: “The flavours are rich and have a distinct tang. We often spoke of how great it would be if we could bring those nostalgic flavours from back home to wherever we were in the world.” And so, Ceylon Condiment Central was born. He said that the trio first started with pure Ceylon cinnamon powder, as it already has a massive demand in Europe, and since then, they have expanded upon their product range to include cinnamon sticks and a number of spice mixes including chicken red curry, dhal curry, and black meat curry. These spice mixes have become fan-favourites, especially among students who study abroad or those who live alone. These ready-to-go spice blends have been lifesavers for those who wish to have a quick flavourful curry ready, even if they didn’t know which spices paired best together. Sachin shared that Ceylon Condiment Central is able to stand out in the market as a spice manufacturer that produces and exports premium authentic spices and condiments, with their ready-to-eat products manufactured sustainably under global standards in order to bring the best of Ceylonese flavours to the world. He said that by utilising their own family recipes, they have preserved the century’s long traditions. Coupled with the latest technologies, they are able to bring genuine and pure flavours of Ceylon to their products. It is also important to note that Ceylon Condiment Central’s packaging is incredibly unique; considering the premium nature of the products, the packaging certainly reflects the level of quality the brand wishes to communicate to their customers. “Often spice packaging is one-dimensional and economical; however, we have focused on sustainable and eco-friendly packaging that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also reusable,” Sachin said. “We also believe that community involvement is undeniably the best quality of a corporate entity, and we firmly believe that there is incredible value in being of service to others. As such, all operations of Ceylon Condiment Central are carried sustainably under fair trade regulations, and as an organisation, we are patrons to women empowerment, as most of our valuable employees who work hard for our success are women who are the breadwinners of their community,” he shared. In a spice market that is primarily dominated by Indian spices, Ceylon Condiment Central has thrown their hat in the ring to make a name for Sri Lankan flavours to shine and win their due recognition. Website: Ceylon Condiment Central Store Facebook: Ceylon Condiment Central Instagram: @ceyloncondimentcentral

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