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a year ago

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  • Serving Un-bowl-lievable flavours from around the world
Have you ever craved a specific rice-based cuisine but didn’t want to spend extra cash and order five side dishes to go along with it? Then, Delights Delivered is the place to go – or rather order online from their two delivery outlets based in Colombo 5 and Mount Lavinia. The virtual Delights Delivered restaurant offers a range of rice bowls from various countries around the world, with meat and veggies packed in. Upon seeing a gap in the market when it comes to food bowls, or a one-person serving portion, the creators of Delights Delivered took it on himself to launch Delights Delivered to cater to those who wanted more than a mere “bath parcel” and a less costly option than some of the high-end food bowl places in Sri Lanka. They currently offer eight different rice bowls with different flavours from around the world – from Indian to Arabic to Thai – as well as a noodle bowl. For health enthusiasts, they recently released an option of salad bowls as well. Delights Delivered also gives customers the option to substitute the rice and replace it with a mixed leaf combination for some of their bowls, so one would get the flavoured meat but with a salad instead of rice. The creators behind the brand explained that if one were to go to an Indian or Thai restaurant, the option of a single serving is not available – one will have to order side dishes to go along with their main. In order to eradicate that concept, they created an all-in-one bowl. Their bowls are catered in such a way where a group of people can individually indulge in whatever cuisine they like, without engaging in the typical argument of what to order. He added that it is also catered towards the working class, as they can order and easily dispose of the single package. On that note, we must commend their admirable investment in keeping the food packaging sustainable. The packaging is a special kind of a cardboard bowl that is entirely biodegradable; they are yet to offer cutlery, but later on, upon request, customers will be provided with wooden cutlery, again keeping it eco-friendly. Currently, their bowls have an option of either chicken or beef as meat. The Delights Delivered CMO explained that they are looking at adding seafood options as well. He said that in Colombo, the vegetarian option is quite sought-after, so they are looking into expanding that as well. In the future, they aim to expand to a 20-25-item menu, with more meat, soup, and salad options for various cuisines. At the moment, they are looking at Chinese food bowls as well. We had the opportunity to try out four of their rice bowls, and we must say, we are truly Asian at heart and absolutely love rice, so it was incredibly difficult for us to find fault with any of the dishes. We tried “Nice to Meat You”, “Thai Will Always Love You”, “Poultry in Motion”, and “Fowl Play”. We appreciated their use of well-played puns in naming their dishes and had a good chuckle before digging in. Nice to Meat You comes with seeni sambol, grilled minced beef, fresh salad, orange sumo sauce, and a fried egg on a bed of southern thunder rice. This dish has a lovely hint of local flavour and is great for someone that would like a Sri Lankan lunch, but is looking for elevated flavours and a more high-end option. It also definitely has that spicy kick that all of us Sri Lankans live for, and the combination of spices is quite commendable. Thai Will Always Love You is a vegetarian-based dish with mixed vegetable green curry, red chilli, cucumber salad, and herb rice. The rice seasoned with the herbs is a great combination with the green curry; you don’t even miss the meat, as it’s an absolute flavour bomb. Poultry in Motion is an Indian-Spanish-based dish that comes with roast chicken tikka, Portuguese black sauce, fresh salad with green chilli, and coriander with chilli tamarind rice. The rice has a lovely tang to it that comes from the tamarind and helps cut down most of the heat from the chillies. The chicken, too, was quite spicy, but when combined with the black sauce and the tangy rice, it’s an absolute delight in your mouth. Overall, I found it to be quite a refreshing dish. Fowl Play was actually one of my favourites – a perfect bowl to represent all the elements of an Indian rice dish. It comes with boneless tandoori chicken, spicy mugal sauce, fresh salad, raita, and chilli tamarind rice. Like Sri Lanka, India too is heavy on spice and this bowl was also heavy on the heat; but the fresh, coolness of the riata went a long way to balance out the flavours and really bring out the tandoori chicken. The tangy notes from the tamarind wasn’t all too apparent in this bowl, but surely complement the spicy sauce and again worked to balance flavours. All these bowls are perfect for those who love spicy food; for me personally, it was bordering on too spicy, but for my colleague, who has a higher tolerance, it seemed to be the perfect amount of heat. It was just one of those times I couldn’t figure out if my eyes were tearing from the spice or because the bowls were just that good. We had to ask if Delights Delivered offered any bowls that were milder in flavour, to which the CMO recommended “Hummus is Where the Heart is”, as it’s a sweeter rice dish with honey mustard dressing. The end goal for them is to have a build-your-own-bowl option, where customers can pick which type of meat from which cuisine they would like, along with a differently flavoured rice and their choice of fresh veggies. Right now, they want to focus more on ensuring the flavours are spot-on with the already existing bowls, but a customisable option is something to look forward to in the future. We asked the Delights Delivered CMO if he had plans to open an in-house dining restaurant, to which he informed us that at the moment, they want to focus on the interior of their kitchen to ensure there’s space for safe and sanitary cooking. He added that with the pandemic, dining-in is not possible at the moment, so there is no need to rush into it. Delights Delivered is available on Uber Eats and PickMe Food. Instagram: @delights_delivered_lk