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I must change for my country to change

4 years ago

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Mother Sri Lanka foundation, founded on 19 November, 2008, celebrated their 10th anniversary by holding a Youth Leadership and Harmony Ambassador Camp, and opened their first ever authentic Sri Lankan products gallery at Battaramulla on 28 November. [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="full" ids="17087"] The foundation was started by Dr. Janaki Kuruppu, the present chairperson, because of the negativity which was prevalent in the country. The workforce of Mother Sri Lanka Foundation is made up of volunteers, and the foundation is funded by the generous private sector donors along with the endorsement of the Ministry of Education. Despite many challenges, the foundation has come a long way with the motto “I must change for my country to change” which has been exemplary in the decade journey of Mother Sri Lanka. The series of events started with Project RUN 2017/18 final award ceremony held at the NSBM Green University auditorium, which was the culmination of Mother Sri Lanka’s community development projects. The events were attended by over 700 students and teachers from all over the country, who were the winners of Mother Sri Lanka’s largest school programme Project RUN held over a two year period for the sixth time around. At the conclusion of the opening ceremony, 250 of the youth leaders and their teachers moved to the South Asian Teacher Development Centre at Meepe for a three-day training camp on Youth Leadership and Harmony Ambassadorship. The Youth Leadership and Harmony Ambassador Camp held from 30 September to 2 October saw the participation of youth leaders representing all nine provinces. They enjoyed this unique and rare opportunity of spending three days together, and enjoyed the company of youth from varied backgrounds. The participants were privileged to listen to over 10 prominent national level speakers, on the topics of unity, leadership, and responsibility to your motherland. The speakers were successfully able to inspire the children and strengthen their Sri Lankan spirit and connect with many people from different backgrounds, which taught them the value of living in harmony. Mother Sri Lanka Foundation has taken it upon their shoulders to inculcate the leadership attitude of the mind-set of the children, who will play a responsible role for the motherland in the future. Mother Sri Lanka Foundation wishes to achieve this goal by creating a strong impact and laying a firm foundation in the minds of our future generation; to become responsible citizens who would live in peace and harmony as one nation. The Youth Leadership and Harmony Ambassador Camp were partnered by the Ministry of Education and the State Ministry for Unity & Co-existence, the Office for National Unity & Co-existence, Brandix Lanka and YouLead; a Youth leadership programme funded by AMCHAM. The foundation has also implemented a livelihood development project over the past two years, assisting over 30 self-employed craftsmen in designing, packaging, and marketing their products. These products are designed to represent Sri Lanka’s art, culture, motifs, symbols and tastes. Most of these items are made 100% in Sri Lanka using local raw materials and are hand made with love and care. The range of items include: handloom products, clothing, wood, ceramic, paper and clay artwork, hand-made jewellery and 100% natural food products for a healthy lifestyle. Mother Sri Lanka foundation plays a vital role in the lives of the craftsmen by bridging the gap between the craftsman and the market. Not only does the foundation help them to address the market need but it also takes measures to develop their soft skills and technical knowledge to develop a sustainable business and to do a better service to our nation. While the full range of products is available at their gallery in Battaramulla, a limited range is available at selected outlets of Arpico, Laksala, Odel and Cotton Collection. All proceeds of these sales go into the charity work conducted by Mother Sri Lanka with school children and with entrepreneurs. Mother Sri Lanka has stood by her values “PRIDE” which stands for proud to be Sri Lankan, responsible citizens, integrity, diversity, and ethical by reaching out with a helping hand to the society comprising; students, teachers and craftsmen who turn to be entrepreneurs, who are all important to the wellbeing and the development of our motherland. [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="full" ids="17085,17084"]

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