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Two prisoners beaten mercilessly at Angunukolapelessa prison: Senaka Perera

14 Oct 2021

Two prisoners were beaten at the Angunukolapelessa prison last week, and are currently in a critical state, as confirmed by President of the Committee for Protecting Rights of Prisoners Senaka Perera. Speaking to The Morning today (13), Perera said that the prisoners were tortured and beaten mercilessly. "What happened was that Amila Kumarasinghe and Dulantha Rajapaksa own a small guesthouse. This guesthouse is popular amongst prison officials who come to consume alcohol. Last week, two prison officials had gone to the guesthouse and asked the two men for an arrack bottle for free, to which the two men had refused. The prison officials then grabbed the key of a scooter of one of the workers at the guesthouse and left," said Perera. He went on to say that the reason why the key was taken was so that Rajapaksa and Kumarasinghe would follow the prison officials asking to return the key. "At the Angunukolapelessa town, the two men and the prison officials have had a small argument, and the prison officials had lodged an entry at the town police station. The guesthouse owners were then remanded and produced before the court judge who had specifically asked for special protection for the guesthouse owners while they were in remand. This did not happen, and while the prisoners were inside they were tortured and beaten mercilessly," Perera said. Perera notes that Kumarasinghe is stable and at the prison hospital, but Rajapaksa is in critical condition. “He is currently receiving treatment, but his condition is not very good. He has severe internal bleeding," Perera mentioned when questioned on the condition of the prisoners. When further inquired whether any action was taken by the Prison department or the Police, Perera stated that no action has been taken and the police seems unbothered to do anything against the abusers. "The police has not done anything in this matter, despite an entry being lodged. I don't know if this attack was also politically motivated as Dulantha Rajapaksa is a very close relative of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MP Wijeydasa Rajapakshe,” Perera concluded. The Morning contacted Police Spokesperson Senior Superintendent of Police Nihal Thalduwa, who stated that such behavior is not acceptable under any circumstance and that the officials will be questioned into the matter. "The Police does not accept such behavior and the prison officials will be questioned. The incident happened a few days ago and this will surely be investigated. The Police does not tolerate such acts," said Thalduwa.

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