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Liquid milk and egg prices to rise?

a year ago

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  • Egg producers say hike inevitable
  • Liquid milk producers also seek increase
  • Consumer rights group slams ‘pricing mafia’
By Dinitha Rathnayake In the wake of the recent price increases in gas, milk powder, wheat flour, and cement, the prices of liquid milk and eggs too are likely to be increased, it is learnt. The All Ceylon Egg Producers’ Association said that an increase in egg prices might be inevitable despite the people already grappling with skyrocketing prices of essential items, considering the higher input and transport-related costs, which could stem from the proposed fuel price increase. All Ceylon Farmers’ Federation National Organiser Namal Karunaratne also demanded a price increase for liquid milk. Meanwhile, people are losing their buying power, noted consumer rights activist Asela Sampath, who, speaking to The Morning, claimed that the Government had allowed businessmen to dominate the prices of essential foods, ranging from rice to eggs and liquid milk. Liquid milk is bought from farmers at a price of Rs. 50-60 per litre, whereas the selling price has increased up to Rs. 400. “The Government needs to have a control price where they can give benefits to the customer. But the total opposite is happening at the moment. Asking to increase the price of liquid milk is an injustice,” Sampath said. Commenting on the proposed increase in the price of eggs, Sampath said that eggs, which is the source of protein that low income earners can afford, too is being taken away by this pricing mafia. “Previously, eggs were at a price range of Rs. 15-17, whereas it has since increased up to a price of Rs. 20-22.”

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