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Discussion on chemical fertiliser continues

a year ago

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The issue of the ongoing fertiliser shortage lamented by farmers following the sudden decision to ban chemical fertiliser was taken up for discussion at the recent cabinet meeting. Minsters Chamal Rajapaksa and C.B. Ratnayake highlighted the issue and noted that the farmers’ opposition was gathering momentum due to fertiliser shortages or lack of access to available stocks. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had responded, saying the Government had allocated the necessary funds to purchase organic fertiliser, but there seemed to be distribution issues. The President had noted that if there were a lot of issues, he was prepared to discuss and take a step back to ensure that farmers were provided with the required quantities of fertiliser. However, Minister S.M. Chandrasena had objected to any reversal to the decision to fully ban chemical fertiliser. The Cabinet had then discussed the possibility of importing a limited stock of chemical fertiliser for several plantations like tea, coconut, rubber, corn, and ornamental flowers. President Rajapaksa had agreed and directed the Ministries of Plantation and Agriculture to immediately hold discussions and decide on the crops that would require limited quantities of chemical fertiliser, along with the required quantities, and inform him (the President).

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