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Cardinal “shocked and horrified” over Govt.’s attitude to Easter attacks

a year ago

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While expressing that the Catholic church is “shocked and horrified” over the Government’s attitude towards the investigations into the Easter Sunday terror attacks, Archbishop of Colombo his eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith called on the international community for assistance in order to understand what really happened. “We have been let down very badly by the present Government. We are absolutely shocked and horrified about this attitude and we want the international community to back us in this struggle to find out what really happened. Who really did it? Who made use of those characters in order to achieve political aims?” the Cardinal questioned during a webinar held yesterday (16). He also expressed that it was clear that the attacks were not carried out by a few extremists. Instead he stated that there was something bigger behind it.  “We want to know what is behind this attack. Until we know that we will not be satisfied,” he warned.