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Police Department under political influence, charges monk

a year ago

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By Dinitha Rathnayake Political interference is hindering the work of some of Sri Lanka’s independent institutions, including the Police Department and the National Police Commission, charged Narahenpita Abayaramaya Chief Incumbent and Rata Rakina Jana Handa organisation Chairman Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Thera. Speaking at a press conference, Ananda Thera alleged that decisions at these institutions are now swayed by political influence. “The people currently in power criticised this during the past; however, when they came into power, something changed. We could see the Inspector General of Police become a puppet due to this political influence. Public Service Commission recommendations are also changed through exerting influence,” he alleged. “We urge the President to protect at least these public institutions.” Ananda Thera went on to allege that politicians are involved in appointing police officers and deciding on their promotions without considering the protocols. He added that he was basing his claims on complaints received by the Narahenpita Abayaramaya Temple. “Minister of Public Security Sarath Weerasekara is a good person, but he shouldn’t allow such political interference; some people say that a letter from him would change appointments and promotions,” Ananda Thera further claimed. Attempts to contact Minister Weerasekara regarding the matter were unsuccessful.

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