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JVP will continue to fight against injustice: Tilvin Silva

a year ago

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The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) clarified that the main objective of the party is to ensure that justice prevails and unfair situations will be called out so that people who are suffering will not be silenced.  This was voiced by the JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva during a media brief held today (19). "The people have been inconvenienced by the sudden spike in the cost of living. Gas is now very expensive. The teachers salary anomalies have not been resolved. The farmers are suffering without fertiliser or a harvest. Whereas, the Government is supporting unfairness and lying when they need the peoples votes with no care about the citizens of the country. The JVP will always stand by the people of the country and that is our main objective. We will be the voice of the suffering people," said Silva. He further went on to accuse the Government officials of being corrupt and becoming rich, whereas the people of the nation remain helpless and poor.

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