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a year ago

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  • Churning out designs while keeping to the current trends
Flamingo SL, an online-based clothing brand, started off as a passion project between two friends. They’re a small-scale, fast fashion brand trying to make waves in a heavily saturated market. Flamingo SL was launched on 18 December 2020, as a collaboration between fashion designer Dhananjaya and pattern maker Parashakthi. Dhananjaya dreamt of starting his own brand, and along with their particular skill sets, they felt it was like a match made in heaven. A few business-related calls later they got to work on the brand. In conversation with the Sachin, a spokesperson for the brand, he explained that their aim is to bring global trends at an affordable price that won’t break the bank, adding their unique touch along with it. He also informed us that Flamingo SL kickstarted just as the pandemic hit our country. They battled obstacles that any small-scale business faced with an ongoing pandemic. “Production delays were our worst nightmare. It was a huge responsibility keeping our community safe in the process of running this business. Also having to solely rely on social media for sales was a challenge,” he said. Sachin explained that since the market is already saturated with so many other small-scale brands, making their mark in the industry was tougher than they thought, yet they moved ahead headstrong. When talking about what makes their brand unique, Sachin stated that it was their attention to detail, quality, minimalism, and most importantly their attention to maintaining their brand aesthetics. He commented: “We’re working towards building our own aesthetic signature. Meaning, you take one look at one of our pieces and instantly recognise it to be an authentic Flamingo SL product.” He also commented that from researching current trends to sketching, trial and error, and to fabric sourcing, they constantly churn out new designs while keeping track of the ever changing fashion world. “Time is of the essence in this process; designing, sampling, fit-ons, to the final product,” Sachin noted. He added that they also utilise deadstock fabrics for a more sustainable approach. On that topic, we asked him how important sustainability was for Flamingo SL, to which he replied that as mentioned, utilising deadstock fabric has been one of their key approaches: “As two avid nature lovers and conservatives, sustainability resides in the front of our heads. We use bags and hang tags made out of recycled cardboard and paper.” He also informed us that all excess fabric from their products are reused to make scrunchies and rugs so it doesn’t end up in landfills. While it may look like a small step in practicing sustainability, they believe that they are headed in the right direction. Sachin added that they are actively looking at cultivating other practices, like introducing e-Invoices instead of prints. When talking about a behind the scenes look of their brand, Sachin informed us that photoshoots are the fun part: “We actually get to see our designs in the flesh and it’s the most satisfying sight! All our photoshoot backdrops and sets are built in our HQ by our ever talented team, who put it all together. We put some serious elbow grease to it.” We asked Sachin if he could share some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, to which he said that while it may sound very cliche, not giving up is the basic science behind any small-scale business. He added: “At first you may be investing more than you get back in turn. But this is only the start. The more passionate you’re about what you do the more you push forward and break boundaries and reach higher.” In his opinion, hard work and effort is a must; one really needs to break a sweat, and eventually, you and your brand will definitely reap a bountiful harvest, so hustle harder, he added. At the moment, Flamingo SL does not have a physical store, but they do have some exciting plans for the year ahead. Sachin told us that they are planning a few pop ups next year and they’d love to see their customers at these stalls. He added that their very own website is in the works, which will make their customers’ online shopping experience even more swift and effortless. Facebook: Flamingo SL  Instagram: @flamingo.srilanka Email: