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Special Parliamentary day for questioning announced

a year ago

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A special parliamentary sitting has been announced where questions can be asked from the Prime Minister. Discussions regarding the COPA reports and the Budget will also take place. The Government has decided to set aside the 8th of November as the special parliament day. This was announced by the Media Secretary to the Office of the Leader of the House of Parliament Priyantha Pradeep Ranasinghe today (21), and was decided upon by The Leader of the House and Minister of Education Dinesh Gunawardena, during the Committee on Parliamentary Business which met today. The debate on the Adjournment Motion moved by the Government regarding the three reports of the Committee on Public Accounts (COPA) presented to Parliament will also be discussed on the 8th of November. On the aforementioned special day, both the Government and the Opposition will have the opportunity to ask the Prime Minister two questions each and get answers in Parliament. The Appropriation (Amendment) Bill No. 07 of 2020 will be submitted to Parliament for approval as well, while the regulations issued under the Imports and Exports (Control) Act No. 01 of 1969 will be submitted to Parliament for approval. Additionally, amendments to the Immigration and Emigration Act will be approved on the special parliamentary day to revise the existing visa period and the visa issuance processes at the Department of Immigration and Emigration. Further, the Workers' Termination of Employment (Special Provisions) (Amendment) Bill and the Minimum Age for Retirement Bill will be tabled in Parliament for approval on the 21st of November. These include raising the minimum retirement age for private sector employees to 60 years and raising the minimum retirement age for employees, regardless of gender, to 60 years. On the same day, the revision of the Gazette Notification of Hazardous Jobs under the Employment of Women, Youth and Children Act No. 47 of 1956 is to be approved by Parliament. In addition, regulations under the Land Acquisition Act are due to be approved by Parliament on the same day. Meanwhile, on the 12th of November the Minister of Finance will present the 2022 budget speech to Parliament.

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