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Health authorities warn of further travel restrictions  

a year ago

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BY Buddhika Samaraweera The health authorities have warned that in the current situation, if people behave irresponsibly, unnecessary restrictions will have to be imposed in the future. Speaking to the media, Health Services Director General (DGHS) Dr. Asela Gunawardena said that the Health authorities were saddened to see certain groups visiting various areas without even wearing face masks in recent days. “Last weekend was a long weekend. Even before it started, the health authorities advised the people to stay at home. In addition, travel restrictions are in effect between Provinces, but during that time, we saw a large number of people disregarding health advice and visiting tourist areas.” Dr. Gunawardena further said that, in a background where between 500 and 600 cases of Covid-19 infections are being reported daily, people must adhere to the health guidelines, at least until the end of December 2021.    

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