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Yahapalanaya laid the groundwork for the Easter attacks: Ven. Kekirawe Sudassana Thero

a year ago

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The Yahapalanaya Government laid the groundwork for the April 21st Easter attacks, said Ven. Kekirawe Sudassana Thero during a media brief held yesterday (21). The group that held the media brief included victims of the Easter attacks. "I believe that the Government appointed during the political crisis in 2018 prepared the ground work for the April 21st attacks. Nilantha Jayawadena told Asanka Abeygunawardhane that he has received information at 6.30am. Nilantha Jayawardena had the responsibility of informing the cardinal. If he had communicated the message, we wouldn't have to speaking at a media brief like this," said Sudassana Thero . Shehan Malaka, a Social Activist claims that the Government of Sri Lanka is trying to maintain close relations with India, further claiming that "a small group of 7-8 people like Zahran cannot carry out such attacks". "We have heard India's name many times over the Easter attacks. On the 4th of April, State Intelligence Director Nilantha Jayawadena received information of an impending attack, whereas on the 8th of April the Indian defense secretary arrived to Sri Lanka despite the warnings. Definitely, there is someone who had supported Zahran and his group, and we want to know who helped them," said Malaka. Meanwhile, Fr Julian Patrick stated that as a Christian community that has not received justice for the crimes committed against them, and as far as the Easter attacks were concerned, no stone has been left unturned in making the injustice known to the world. "No stone has been left unturned in making it known to the entire world, to our authorities in Sri Lanka and everywhere else in the world, that justice has not been served so far. Therefore, we are reluctantly compelled to appeal to the international community and all institutions and organisations that are concerned about justice and equality in the world because we are not living in the 16th or 17th century, and we are living in the 21st century," said Fr Patrick. He further went on to state that Justice and Equality in the "foundational norm" of any civil society, and if Sri Lanka claims to be "civilised", Justice and Equality must prevail.

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