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The global economy cannot be controlled by us: Bandula Gunawardana

a year ago

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The global economy cannot be controlled by the Government, neither can the price of oil and gas, so the cost of these commodities is inevitable and a shortage cannot be refuted, said Minister of Trade Bandula Gunawardana. He made this statement during a media brief today (22). "If the leading countries in the world work for only 1 day a week, the production of commodities goes down. The cost of a barrel of oil has increased, the cost of gas has gone up as well. This is the state of the world economy. We might or might not have a shortage, and the price hikes of these commodities are inevitable," said Gunawardana. He went on to say that if anyone has any ideas on how to control the price of these commodities in Sri Lanka, while the global prices surge, that he is open to suggestions.

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