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Maintain preventive measures to fight the pandemic: Dr. Hemantha Herath

a year ago

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Just because the vaccine has been administered does not mean that preventive measures have to be stopped now, said Deputy Director-General of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath. He made this statement during a media brief held today (22). "People are under the impression that the anti-covid vaccines will prevent them from catching the virus. This is not true. The vaccine will only prevent severity of the virus. We must maintain hygiene practices and social distancing if we are to fight this pandemic," said Dr Herath. Additionally, Dr Herath went on to explain that the risks of an increase in covid cases would be high as Sri Lanka opens doors to tourism, with people coming in from the Middle East, America, UK and Europe. "We tend to have a surge in the virus when more and more people arrive from various countries, and also the risk of bringing in more variants into the country is higher," Dr Herath clarified. In conclusion, Dr Herath once again emphasised on the importance of hygiene practices and stated that if these practices are not followed, Sri Lanka could face another destructive wave.