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NCPI-based inflation decreased in September

a year ago

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The National Consumer Price Index (NCPI) decreased to 6.2% in September 2021 from 6.7% in August 2021, according to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL). The CBSL further noted that headline inflation, as measured by the year-on-year (YoY) change in the NCPI, has decreased, due to the statistical effect of the high base prevailing in September 2020.  Food inflation (YoY) decreased to 10% in September 2021 from 11.1% in August 2021, and meanwhile, non-food inflation (YoY) remained unchanged at 3%  in September 2021. Further, it was pointed out that the monthly change of the NCPI was recorded at 0.25% in September 2021. It was due to increases observed in prices of items in both food and non-food categories. Accordingly, monthly changes of food and non-food categories were recorded at 0.07% and 0.18%, respectively. In terms of the food category, prices of dhal, big onions, and fresh fish increased. On the contrary, prices of rice, vegetables, and sugar recorded declines. However, YoY core inflation increased to 4.8% in September 2021 from 4.7% in August 2021.

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