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Senior Police officers responsible for curbing corruption

a year ago

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By Dinitha Rathnayake It is the responsibility of senior police officers to stop bribery and corruption and to ensure the welfare of the junior officers under their command, according to Minister of Public Security Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara. “On average, an Assistant Superintendent of Police supervises about three police stations. It is their duty to send intelligence officers to take action against Officers in Charge (OIC), or officers who take bribes, engage in sexual bribery, or engage in other forms of corruption,” he said. Weerasekera, addressing the 225 newly-promoted Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASP) at the Ministry of Public Security recently, warned the officers that he would take action against the ASP in charge of any OIC that is proven by the Ministry’s intelligence services to be guilty of any offense. He further reiterated that with their promotions and facilities accordingly afforded to them, their responsibilities would also increase, and reminded them of the importance of looking after the welfare of the OICs and officers under their command. “I went to many police stations. I did not see many places that looked after the welfare of the officers. If there is a place for our officers who are on duty beyond eight hours to come to their police station, have a wash, and sleep well, that is welfare. For this, the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and office that they use should be in good condition,” Weerasekera explained.  

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