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MTI unveils national ICT ecosystem framework

26 Oct 2021

Given the critical nature of information and communication technology (ICT) to a nation’s economic development, MTI Consulting has unveiled a national ICT ecosystem framework. The strategic intent is to provide a holistic framework for nationally strategic ICT decisions, which otherwise tends to suffer from “silo”-based, sub-optimal initiatives.  Given the pervasive nature of ICT, it is important to take a holistic perspective of the entire ICT ecosystem of a country. This would be the most effective way of critiquing the current state of ICT in a country. MTI’s national ICT ecosystem model can be used as the framework to assess and critique a country’s current state of ICT. This will also enable a country to assess how international trade agreements will benefit the country – vis-à-vis alternate routes to achieving the end result. MTI’s national ICT ecosystem model is based on four verticals, i.e. consumption, devices, connectivity, and life applications; seven enablers, i.e. policies, regulatories, security, institutional framework, enabling infrastructure, human capital, and investment climate; three value chain components, i.e. R&D, components and manufacturing/development, and augmentation with a device-to-connectivity enabler (i.e. network devices) and connectivity-to-life applications enabler (i.e. over-the-top [OTT] applications). Enabling the four verticals will be the national enablers – given that all seven of these enablers (impacting horizontally across the entire ecosystem) are key drivers of the state of ICT in a country. Therefore, the enabling role is expected from the Government.  The model starts with assessing how ICT is “consumed” in a country (in terms of primary, secondary, and integrated demand) and the device types used for ICT “consumption”. The country-specific challenges in terms of acquiring, funding (affordability), and usage (contents) of the devices will be explored at this stage. The next phase studies how the devices are connected to a multitude of life applications. In doing so, the different forms of connectivity infrastructures, from spectrum to fibre optics, are studied. Devices and connectivity will require research, development, and manufacturing of hardware and software. 

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