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Estate worker salaries still below gazetted amount, Prez informed: Senthil Thondaman

a year ago

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The salaries of estate workers are still much less than the gazetted amount and therefore, Vice President of the Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) Senthil Thondaman has informed President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on the same. Speaking exclusively to The Morning today (29), Thondaman revealed that despite the gazetted allowance being passed in Parliament, these changes have not been made in reality. "The Gazette was passed and changes were to be made long ago, whereas the truth is that estate workers receive a far less amount. The daily allowance is supposed to be Rs. 1000, whereas only 20-30% receive this amount. The remaining 70% receive far less than this. I spoke to the President about this, and he was also surprised. He said that he will immediately look into this matter, and it is wrong, especially after it was gazetted," said Thondaman. During the course of the conversation, Thondaman showed delight in the fact that the President proved to be proactive in listening, and also quick in making decisions pertaining to the plight of the Tamil community.

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