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Judiciary scheme inaugurated in Matara and Walasmulla today

a year ago

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[foogallery id="170804"] A large judiciary scheme was inaugurated in Matara and Walasmulla today (31), initiating the country's development plans within the Ministry of Justice. The scheme was built to equip the people of Matara and Walasmulla to bring their court cases forward conveniently and help bring about the law for people who have faced injustices, says Minister of Justice Ali Sabry. He made this statement during the inauguration ceremony held today. "An efficient system to administer justice and the law was needed for the people of Matara and Walasmulla. With this new infrastructure, the people will now be able to respond to societal needs in keeping with global advancements. Just as other developments are being done in the country for irrigation, water and electricity, the justice system needs to be developed to keep up with the developing world. This also includes the 60 amendments which we have in mind to the law," said Sabry while addressing the attendees.  He went on to detail the facilities which the new Matara Magistrates Scheme would include.  "The Matara scheme will include 01 civil courtroom, 01 criminal courtroom, 04 district courtrooms and 02 Magistrates courtrooms. The entire cost for this scheme totaled to Rs 1286.5 million. Whereas the facility in Walasmulla would serve as a District courtroom. The Walasmulla facility costed Rs 66.7 million," detailed Sabry. Sabry, in his speech, explained to the attendees that for the law to be practiced in an unbiased and fair way, the facilities will also need to be developed for people to attend court cases and find appropriate lawyers to fight cases.  "As of 2019, Sri Lanka had 800,000 court cases islandwide, with only 335 Judges and 15 million lawyers. This is a large number, and I want to thank President Gotabaya Rajapaksa who took a special interest in this issue the Ministry of Justice is facing, and decided to develop the infrastructures in a way which is globally recognised by allocating Rs 20 million as a first step," Sabry said.  Speaker of the House, Mahinda Yapa Abeywardana who also attended the special event spoke to the attendees and congratulated the people of Matara and Walasmulla for now having an easier, convenient and new facility where their legal cases can be handled.  Additionally, State Minister of National Security & Disaster Management and State Minister of Home Affairs Chamal Rajapaksa, who also graced the event, said that the new developments will make legal affairs convenient for the people of the province. He further stated that because the new facilities have been built to accommodate the latest in technology, these must be well maintained to ensure they function properly always.  Chamal Rajapaksa also thanked Ali Sabry and the Ministry of Justice for the hard work and dedication in developing the legal system in the country.  Joining in the inaugural celebrations was Prime Minister Mahindra Rajapaksa who attended virtually. The Matara event was graced by many dignitaries and officials including State Minister Kanchana Wijesekera, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Members of Parliament (MP) Nipuna Ranawaka, Karunadasa Kodithuwakku and Weerasumana Weerasinghe. The Walasmulla event was officiated by State Minister D V Chanaka, SLPP MP Upul Galappaththi, Secretary to the Ministry of Justice MMPK Mayadunne, Private Secretary to the Hon. Minister of Justice Janaka Ranatunga and President of the Walasmulla Bar Association HPG Satharasinghe.

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