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SLPA unaware if Hippo Spirit is sailing through SL waters

a year ago

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Despite media reports which claim that the Hippo Spirit vessel which is carrying tonnes of rejected Chinese Fertilizer has entered the country’s territorial waters, Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SPLA) Harbour Master Capt. K. M. Nirmal P. Silva dismissed the same, Speaking to The Morning, he stated that to date, no information about the vessel's position or whether it has entered Sri Lankan waters or ports has been communicated to Sri Lankan authorities.  Capt. Silva also stated that even if the vessel was in Sri Lankan waters, this is not illegal.  “Several vessels pass through our waters for the purpose of innocent passage, this is not illegal,” he told The Morning. When asked if the SLPA was aware of the vessels which are currently in Sri Lankan waters, Capt. Silva stated that it is “nobody’s responsibility” to know such details, and that the SLPA’s jurisdiction is only limited to vessels that enter any port in the country. He also stated that the Sri Lanka Navy does monitor Sri Lankan waters, but only for illegal activities, and not for the purpose of innocent passage. Despite several attempts to Contact Sri Lanka Navy Spokesperson Capt. Indika De Silva for comments on the same, our efforts proved to be futile. 

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