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State institution heads annoyed by P.B.’s meetings 

a year ago

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  • Claim Prez Secretary holding a series of ‘long’ and ‘useless’ meetings
  • Claim no action taken on their proposals 
  BY Buddhika Samaraweera The heads of a number of state-owned institutions have expressed annoyance over a series of lengthy meetings convened by President’s Secretary Dr. P.B. Jayasundera which they claim serves no real purpose. Several heads of state institutions, speaking to The Morning on condition of anonymity, said that these meetings are unnecessarily long, and have proven to be pointless as Dr. Jayasundera does not take any action with regard to any of the proposals made by the heads of the institutions. According to one state institution head, the first of the said series of meetings had been convened by Dr. Jayasundera on Monday (1) and was “useless”. “On 1 November, there was a Zoom meeting with Dr. Jayasundera. He started the meeting and made a speech for about 15 to 20 minutes. The meeting was useless and all we, the institution heads, had to do was to listen to what he was saying. We were already aware of what he was saying during the meeting and it was therefore a waste of our time,” he added. According to him, Dr. Jayasundera, during the meeting, has been stating that certain heads of state institutions have been able to make their institutions profit-making institutions, while others have failed to do so. “In addition, he said that as a country, we should make our best efforts to make our institutions profit-making ones,” he said. The Morning also learnt that although the heads of certain state institutions had attempted to submit their proposals to Dr. Jayasundera on the steps that need to be taken to make their institutions profitable, the latter had instructed them to discuss the relevant proposals with the subject ministers. “If he is not ready to listen to our proposals, why does he convene such meetings? It is just a waste of our time,” one state institution head said. The participants also noted that Dr. Jayasundera calls for reports into the progress of the state institutions and that if progress is to be informed to him in this manner, he should also listen to their proposals. Dr. Jayasundera had also convened two other such meetings on Tuesday (2) and yesterday (3) at around 3.30 p.m. Dr. Jayasundera was not available for comment despite efforts to reach him.