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Kavindya Amarasena: The shining karateka from Kandy

a year ago

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      [caption id="attachment_171842" align="alignleft" width="357"] Remarkable karateka from Kandy Kavindya Amarasena[/caption]  

She balances both her sports and studies to excel in both


Kavindya Upamali Amarasena is one of the best karatekas or karate practitioners emerging from St. Anthony’s Convent, Kandy. She has won many awards in karate over the past years bringing credit to entire Kandy district.

The importance of karate has mostly been forgotten among modern fans of the sport. We all generally know about sports, particularly about our favourite sport, yet we scarcely know about the reality behind its players and the people who are responsible for making such sports very much popular today.

Here Kavindya may probably be such a sportswoman who has done sports, mainly Kandy sports, something remarkable. Kandy, as we all know, is a very proud district for its sports. Kavindya is a sportswoman who makes Kandy proud.

Central Province Sports Colours

This Kandyan, Kavindya Upamali, has already played in international karate championships such as Gensei-Ryu Seidokai Karatedo International Junior Championship in 2006 whilst taking part in Gensei Ryu All-island Inter-school Karate Championship in 2008, Sri Lanka Karate Do Federation Inter Provincial Championship 2010, and the Sri Lanka Karate Championships, representing Central Province in 2011.

In 2013, Kavindya took part in the fourth Silent Knight Karate Cup Championship held in Malaysia. For representing the country and her credible performances overall, she was later awarded the Central Province Sports Colours. The same year, 2013, Kavindya won first place in Central Province Karate Championship before being amongst the best eight competitors in the 12th International SKA Karate Championship.

In Asian karate

In 2014 too, she competed in the Sri Lanka Schools Senior Karate Championship and the 13th International SKA Karate Championship. The following year, 2015, she took part in the World Championship (Euro - Asia) held in Iran and All Island Schools Games too.

She performed well in the third South Asian Karate Championship 2016 held in India. In 2018, she took part in the SABRA Karate Championship of the Inter University Championship. In the same year, Kavindya participated in the National Sports Festival representing Central Province whilst also giving a fine display of karate.

Performances in athletics

Kavindya was a top athlete too taking part in the 2009 Kandy District Track and Field Senior Relay Championship. In 2011, she represented Kandy District in 100 m and in 2012 and 2013, she ran in the Kandy Zonal Meet in the 4x100 m.

Then in the famous Sir John Tarbet Senior Athletic Championship, she ran in the 4x100 m, and in the same event in the All Island School Games too.

She won her School Colours for athletics for her gaining of the best timing in the 4x100 m. In 2014, she ran in both 4x400 m and 4x200 m at the National Youth Games, again representing the Central Province.

School Colours

[caption id="attachment_171843" align="alignleft" width="355"] Now doing her university studies, Kavindya is from St. Anthony’s Convent, Kandy. She excels in both karate and athletics[/caption]

In 2015, Kavindya became a Prefect of her school, St. Anthony’s Convent, Kandy and in 2016, the school’s Games Captain. In 2016, Kavindya obtained the best results at the GCE Advanced Level Examination and got selected to the university.

She is still an under-graduate. Notably, during her exams and university studies, Kavindya was able to win National Colours for karate, in 2015 and 2016. In 2012, she had won National Colours for best timing in women’s 4x100 m. In 2020, she also obtained a certificate in water safety or life saving. The same year she completed the Olympic Solidarity Sports Administrators’ Course.

All in all, she is very thankful to her coaches, Harshani Basanayake in karate and Sanath Gunathilaka in athletics and also the Principal of her school, Pathma Lekamge, for giving her the fullest support. She says she is indebted to her parents for all her achievements.

Father and brother

Kavindya’s father Palitha Amarasena is a product of St. Anthony’s College, Katugastota (SACK). Father was a rugby player who had played in all age groups since Under-13 up to the senior side during 1980-90.

After schooling, he played for Kandy Sports Club before leaving the game due to a knee injury. He is now attached to Cargills Group as a Regional Sales Manager.

Kavindya’s brother Jayodya Amarasena is also at St. Anthony’s College and plays cricket as a left-arm orthodox bowler and right-hand batsman. He started cricket at Under-13 and is now playing for the SACK first eleven.


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