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Tests have not been conducted on nano fertiliser in SL: Expert

a year ago

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Testing has not been done and a standard is not set for nano-nitrogen fertiliser in Sri Lanka says Prof. Saman Dharmakeerthi from the Dept. of Soil Science (Faculty of Agriculture) at the University of Peradeniya. He made this statement during a media brief yesterday (04). "As far as I know, tests have not been conducted on the liquid nano-nitrogen fertiliser. For liquid fertiliser, there are different standards and this has not been regulated in Sri Lanka as yet. Nano-nitrogen fertiliser is not organic either, it is considered as synthetic," said Proff Dharmakeerthi. He also stated that liquid nano-nitrogen fertiliser is relatively new in the market, and proper testing must be done before it is used. "Liquid nano-nitrogen fertiliser is new, even globally, not much testing has been done. We must properly test it before we administer it to the soil, if not properly used, it can cause serious damage to the soil," concluded Proff Dharmakeerthi.

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