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SL ranks top 5 in the world for wellness tourism: Kimarli Fernando

a year ago

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During an interview with an Indian media outlet, Chairperson at the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Kimarli Fernando stated that Sri Lanka was recently ranked top 5 in the world for wellness tourism and now that the world is slowly normalising, tourists are looking for wellness tourism and nature, which is both therapeutic and calming. "Sri Lanka has over 105 waterfalls, we have the most stunning beaches. During the post-covid period, people are looking for healing and wellness, and Sri Lanka is the destination. Sri Lanka was ranked top 5 in the world for wellness tourism, which is the only country in Asia to be voted top 5. Sri Lanka was voted in for healing the body and soul. Wellness and ayurveda has healed our community for centuries, and this is something we would like to share with the world," said Fernando. Fernando further added that India has been an "amazing" tourism partner, especially when attracting Buddhist pilgrims. "We have already discussed with several agencies in India to encourage the Buddhist trail and travel for pilgrims. The Ramayana trail is equally important. India and Sri Lanka share so much culture, so much relationships together, and the Buddhist trail is an area of importance. The Indian travelers are very diverse. You have Indian travelers who come in their private jets to Sri Lanka, then there are the Indian family travelers and some Indian travelers enjoy wedding ceremonies in Sri Lanka. This is something we enjoy," said Fernando. She also encouraged people to visit Sri Lanka, and considering the fact that the majority of the population is now fully vaccinated, Sri Lanka would be the destination of choice for travelers of all sorts.

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