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I have kept my promises: President 

a year ago

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  • Asks youths to have faith in Govt. and carry on
  • Reiterates commitment to organic agriculture
  President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday (6) called on the youth of the country to have faith in the Government, and to continue with the work they had started.  The President made the request at the event held to launch 100,000 km of roads that were developed by the Government in Weeraketiya. The event was also attended by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and visiting World Bank Vice President Hartwig Schafer.   Responding to criticism of the controversial Presidential Task Force (PTF) on “one country, one law” chaired by Ven. Galabodaaththe Gnanasara Thera, President Rajapaksa justified the appointment of the Thera, pointing out that it was the Thera who had spoken of the “one country, one law” concept during the past few years.  He stated that the concept, once presented by the committee led by Gnanasara Thera, would be handed over to the Justice Ministry for the relevant laws to be drafted.  Responding to his critics, the President claimed that there were currently two types of critics. “One group is those who don’t understand the real situation of the last two years. It is a global pandemic that affected the entire world, not only us. The other lot are those who are finding it difficult to face the revolutionary change they initially wanted,” he said.   He explained that the loss of $ 5 billion in revenue brought to the country by the tourism industry had a serious impact on the country's economy.  President Rajapaksa also reiterated his commitment to promote organic agriculture, despite widespread opposition to the sudden change. “Feeding poison as food is not food security. I have kept my promise by converting to organic agriculture,” President Rajapaksa said.