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Protests today for Rs. 10 K salary hike

a year ago

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By Buddhika Samaraweera The National Trade Union Centre (NTUC) has organised a series of protests in Colombo today (8), demanding that the Government increase the salaries of employees in all sectors by Rs. 10,000. Accordingly, the protests will be held in front of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) in Colombo, the Ayurveda Hospital in Borella, and the National Hospital of Sri Lanka (NHSL) at 12 noon today. NTUC Chairman K.D. Lalkantha, on 28 October, first announced that they would engage in a series of protests demanding a salary increase of Rs. 10,000 for all state sector, private sector, and estate sector employees as well as pensioners in the upcoming budget for the financial year of 2022 (FY2022). The Appropriation Bill for FY2022 was presented in Parliament on 7 October, with budget allocations for the education, defence, and finance sectors being increased whilst that of the health sector has been decreased when compared to FY2021. The debate on the 2022 Budget will take place from 12 November to 10 December.