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Fake foreign employment agencies raided

a year ago

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BY Dinitha Rathnayake A total of three fake foreign employment agencies, which promised employment in Europe and Japan, have been raided so far during the course of the month of November, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) said. Speaking to The Morning, SLBFE Deputy General Manager Mangala Randeniya said that the majority of such fake agencies promise to send people to countries like Romania, Poland, Italy, and Japan. “There are agencies registered under the SLBFE which could provide them with employment opportunities, but not fake agencies. Therefore, if someone promises you employment opportunities, see whether these agencies are registered with the SLBFE, and have a voice recording and contact details including telephone numbers pertaining to any payments you intend to make. You can always obtain directions from the SLBFE to ascertain whether these agencies are legal or not,” he said. Randeniya also urged citizens to not pay money to such parties on the first instance itself. “People have the opportunity before making any payment to know about these fake agencies by calling the number ‘1989’, which operates 24 hours, to first see if these agencies have the approval to send you to these countries. Approved agencies can provide you employment opportunities in various fields, such as the hotel industry and housekeeping services industry, but before that, contact an agency which provides you a service under the Sri Lankan law,” Randeniya said. He added that having SLBFE registration before leaving the country is essential so that the employee is secure. The payment for SLBFE registration and insurance is Rs. 16, 416. A trend of migrating, especially to Canada and Australia, for purposes of obtaining permanent residency (PR) has been identified by immigration and emigration consultant companies in Sri Lanka recently. It is also learnt from informed sources that most of the Sri Lankans are migrating due to the current economic situation in the country. Meanwhile, speaking to The Morning, Department of Immigration and Emigration Deputy Controller (Legal) and Information Officer Milinda Kumarasinghe said that around 1,500 passports are issued daily by the Department under the one-day service. “Previously, it was around 1,000 under the one-day service, but the numbers have increased post Covid-19,” Kumarasinghe said.

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