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Wishma’s family files complaint against Japanese authority

a year ago

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BY Pamodi Waravita The family members of Wishma Rathnayake who died whilst in an immigration detention centre in Japan in March 2021 has filed a criminal complaint against the officers at the said centre this week. “We filed a complaint against the officers for neglect of duty as they failed to provide due medical attention to my sister. They also verbally and mentally abused her and disregarded her discomfort, illness, and suffering which led to her death. This is all recorded in the security video footage,” the deceased’s sister Wayomi Rathnayake told The Morning yesterday (11). Thus, news reports show that the complaint was against the Director, Deputy Director, and officers of the facility who were on duty on the day of Wishma Rathnayake’s death. Wishma Rathnayake’s death in the detention centre caused serious concerns in both Sri Lanka and Japan, with many accusations levelled against the authorities at the detention centre that had reportedly turned a blind eye to her medical issues, and had refused to help her seek medical help. While some reports show that she had suffered in pain while the officials had not given her emergency care moments before she died, the final report released by the Immigration Services Agency (ISA) of Japan earlier this month has found flaws in the medical care system of the facility and had reproached its top officials over such. Both the country’s Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa and ISA Head Shoko Sasaki apologised for the Nagoya facility’s treatment of Wishma Rathnayake which resulted in her death.