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Premadasa slams Budget, says people received “useless, empty document”

a year ago

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Leader of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Opposition Sajith Premadasa responded to the Budget 2022 yesterday (12) by referring to it as a “useless, empty document”. “The people expected a progressive budget, but what they received was a farce. The people expected a people centric policy, but what they received was a useless and empty document. This budget does not outline a clear work plan on managing the country’s economy,” he said during a statement. Additionally, Premadasa also claimed that the Budget lacks a middle or long term vision. “There is no structural policy either. There are no plans to boost the country’s economic growth or to minimise the budget deficit. There is no solution to the rising cost of living and inflation. The value of the poor salaries earned by the people will not have any value,” the SJB leader said. In terms of Sri Lanka’s debt crisis, he said that a solution has not been provided. “There is no clear vision on how they hope to attract foreign direct investments. Simply put, we can say that this budget will make this country another Somalia,” Premadasa concluded.

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