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Ceylon Shops: All-in-one online shop within minutes

2 years ago

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Amidst the pandemic and the economic calamities ravaging the country, e-commerce has become the dearest of companions to small businesses, especially to retail-based businesses. It is a convenient and cost-effective manner in which to make a profit, but sometimes the idea of going online can be daunting.  [caption id="attachment_173470" align="alignright" width="295"] Ceylon Shops Founder Janaka Rajapaksha[/caption] This week, Brunch reached out to Ceylon Shops Founder Janaka Rajapaksha, who runs the online platform dedicated to providing you with your very own e-commerce platform.  Ceylon Shops makes the process of taking a small or retail business online much easier for all. And while this may appear as a jackpot too good to be true for small businesses struggling to break even during the pandemic, Rajapaksha said that it really is what it appears to be. With an extremely user-friendly interface, Ceylon Shops allows users to fill a form with the details of their online shop as they visit the website – – and follow the easy and clear instructions to create their online shop in minutes.  Rajapaksha believes that although Sri Lanka is young in terms of e-commerce, many opportunities have been opened in this field especially with the urgent need to promote automation as a consequence of the pandemic. Ceylon Shops serves small/startup enterprises with no limitations, providing them an opportunity to create a complete and functioning online outlet that may cost Rs. 1-2 million with an IT company.  Speaking of his journey, and how he was inspired to begin Ceylon Shops, Rajapaksha stated that he worked as a senior software engineer before he wanted to create his own platform. He further added that there was no clear endpoint at the inception of this project, except for a determination to build a well-organised and protected system to produce online shops/e-commerce websites, and the end result was Ceylon Shops.  “Since Ceylon Shops is a platform focused on helping people to create an online shop, it has become an invaluable tool to many small businesses during the pandemic. Many people who have created shops using our platform rely on delivering only for selected cities. The system already has a facility to enable/disable delivery cities, so it isn't required to do new changes,” he added.  Ceylon Shops provides a free shop to businesses with less than 11,200 orders a month to support struggling entrepreneurs. Rajapaksha further said: “We hope having a shop like this for a year without any charge is more than enough to generate sales, and start your new business or get your existing business into the functioning status again. All you have to do is be dedicated to your business and care for it. Also, since our platform allows foreign businesses to create shops as well, this will help the country to have foreign revenue.”  When asked how an interested person can become a member of Ceylon Shops, Rajapaksha told us that enterprise customers (who have more than 11,200 orders per month), can contact them and elect to proceed with one of the dedicated plans. 1,100 orders: $ 0 – free for the first year 200 orders: $ 9 1,100 orders: $ 39 4,600 orders: $ 159 11,200 orders: $ 379 Rajapaksha told us that all new customers can run their shop for free for one year before selecting a plan that works best for them. He further added that these plans include the use of the latest version of the system, and will be updated to the newest version immediately when there is an update.  You may reach out to the folks at Ceylon Shops for further information or details on:  Website: Twitter: @ceylon_shops Facebook: CeylonShops Instagram: @ceylonshops YouTube: Website: Email: Phone: 071 255 8888

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