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Drug rehabilitation centers to accommodate 8,000 people by next year: Sabry

a year ago

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Discussions are currently ongoing to increase the capacity of drug rehabilitation centers to accommodate up to 8000 people by next year says Minister of Justice Ali Sabry. He made this statement at the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms today (17). "Drug addicts should be rehabilitated, and not just put in prisons. The addicts must be educated on the adverse effects of drugs and the wrong decisions they make. From this, future generations can be protected and we can ensure that people will not turn to drugs later on in their lives. We should avoid relapses," said Sabry. Sabry also stated that whilst rehabilitating the prisoners for their drug addictions, they should also be given a vocational education so that they will have better opportunities for foreign employment. "Currently, the Prisons department is educating the prisoners on social skills and teaching the prisoners a trade which will help them once they are put back into the society. But, we also need to instill a vocational training so that once the prisoners are free, they will be able to get job opportunities abroad as well," he stated. Additionally, Sabry informed the officials during the meeting that workshops should be conducted to educate the youth about the downfalls of the use of drugs, and how it can also effect their relationships, society and health. He further mentioned that assistance should be requested from Non Government Organisations (NGOs) to conduct such workshops.       

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