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Swarming petrol sheds is what will lead to a fuel shortage: Gammanpilla

a year ago

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When everyone goes to petrol sheds and pumps petrol together, there will be an obvious shortage in fuel, says Minister of Energy Udaya Gammanpilla. He made this statement during a media brief held yesterday (17). "The fuel shortage is not real, but created using the media. When everyone goes to a petrol shed and starts filling their tanks and cans with petrol, this creates an artificial temporary shortage of fuel. People have used the media to spread this speculation of a fuel shortage," said Gammanpilla. He further explained that there will not be any interruptions to the electricity supply in the country, and that currently there is over 13,500 tonnes of refined oil in storage, which can be used if required. "Even the most powerful countries in the world are currently experiencing price hikes in oil. This is not limited to Sri Lanka alone. Trade Unions are protesting saying that a barrel of oil should be brought down to USD15, but what they don't understand is that this is a universal price and Sri Lanka alone cannot control it. If the price of a barrel of oil could be brought down, even I would stand in protest holding placards," he concluded.