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Closing schools goes against the rights of children: Dullas

a year ago

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Keeping schools closed is against the rights of children and is a hindrance to the future generations, says Minister of Mass Media Dullas Alahapperuma. He made this statement while speaking in Parliament a short while ago (19). "We know there is a huge teacher and principal salary issue, and this was spoken about prior to the budget speech, as well as during the budget. But, if this matter is not taken seriously, children will be the ones who will suffer the most. Closing the school gates because of the salary anomalies is against their right to education," said Alahapperuma. Adding that during the pandemic, children in rural schools suffered the most, and with limited resources such as internet facilities, children were mentally and emotionally deprived of what would be their right to education. "Online education should not be stopped. I trust that our leaders will consider this by providing schools with high speed internet, so that students will not miss out on classes whatever the reason may be. Children who do not have either internet, phones or computers to study should be given priority. In an evolving world, this should be something we should look into with great importance," Alahapperuma advised. Meanwhile, Alahapperuma stated that Sri Lanka has a high rate of child abuse cases, with one case being reported hourly around the Island, and this needs to be looked at with importance. "Children need to be educated in regards to this. If children are educated on sexual abuse, they will know how to respond before or if abuse is about to happen. Parents need to be educated well. Parents should act responsibly and understand that there is a law and that with proper measures, society will learn and not do wrong again. There is no taboo in exposing abuse, and this will only benefit the society if the perpetrators are brought to justice," concluded Alahapperuma.

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