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New Delta sub lineage detected among vaccinated & non vaccinated persons: Prof. Jeewandara

a year ago

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The new sub lineage B.1.617.2.104 of the Delta variant of Covid-19 was detected in a sample of 650 vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, The Morning learns. Speaking to The Morning, University of Sri Jayewardenepura Allergy, Immunology and Cell Biology Unit Director Dr. Chandima Jeewandara explained that anyone can contract all variants of Covid-19, regardless of their vaccination status. "People think that if they are fully vaccinated that they will not contract the virus, whereas this is not true. People can contract the virus, but their chances of dying or having severe disease reduces considerably. The variants do not matter in this case. You can have any variant and have severe disease. Studies have shown that the Delta variant and its sub-variants are more transmissible and cause more severe disease," said Dr Jeewandara. He further clarified that the testing of the variants was done based on research on over 650 patients, and was not limited to any individual. "The new variant was declared to the Ministry of Health by testing over 650 patients. People who tend to share controversial information that individuals who have been vaccinated have contracted the virus on social media do so because they do not understand the facts or content. Such information is usually shared by anti-vaxxers in the community," Dr Jeewandara stated. When inquired by The Morning whether the risk would be higher for immuno-compromised people, Dr Jeewandara responded saying that whatever the variant might be, the immuno-compromised community is at a higher risk than healthy people. In conclusion, Dr Jeewandara reiterated that people must be educated and should understand that obtaining the vaccine does not mean that they should let their guard down and roam freely, and that proper preventive measures are vital to prevent the spread of the virus.

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