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Harin points out lack of facilities at Badulla General Hospital

a year ago

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While stating that he would have done his surgery at the Badulla General Hospital, Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Harin Fernando stated that he could not do so due to the lack of facilities. He made this statement while speaking in Parliament today (22). "I wanted to do my heart surgery at the Badulla General Hospital, whereas the hospital does not even have a cath lab. This is not acceptable. If the Government can talk big about giving medical care to the citizens, they better have the facilities in the hospital to boast as well. A hospital is useless if it doesn't have the necessities," he said. As Fernando made this statement, several Government MPs objected to his claims and stated that if the Badulla district was from where Fernando got elected through the National List, it was his responsibility to develop his area. Additionally, Fernando went on to say that the Government is now acting erratically and irrationally as they are in a state of panic and confusion. "The Government is acting erratically and irrationally as they are confused, threatened and in a state of panic. They know that they are now proven to be failures and are scared. In short, the Government has not delivered what they have promised to the people, and is now afraid that they will be kicked out. The whole bunch is mad," he said.

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